Battle information

Status: Uploaded to YouTube
Player: gkorki
Ship: Smolensk
Result: Victory
Game version: 0.11.7
Battle type: PVP


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Notes on replay information

In addition to generating a video capture of your games, we try to also parse the replay files you upload. We do this in order to try and extract information out of the replay file, things like the ship being played, the map name, the achievements and ribbons earned and the result of the battle.

This is on a best-effort basis and we do not always succeed in parsing the replay file in its entirety. So on occasion you may see information missing because we were not able to extract it. We are trying to improve the information extraction process, but it's a tricky task!

You may also see missing information that was not present in the replay file - most notably the result of a battle (Victory or Defeat). The primary reason this happens is that the replay does not include the end of the battle and it can happen if you exit the battle before it ends.

We are using the War Gaming API to get data on ships, battles and achievements. Unfortunately, although the API seems to be thoroughly documented and well-designed, the encyclopedia on WOW ships is incomplete for unknown reasons. To complement the API, we are also using the WOWS Unpack Tool in order to extract information from ships not being returned by the API. As a result, we have textual information on all ships but ship icons only for the ships provided by the encyclopedia API.